Mrs. Finch is a teacher who teaches Advance Placement Biology at Beacon Hills High School.

She is portrayed by actor Michelle Clunie.

Season 5Edit

She explains to students that her class will be challenging and asks Scott McCall what college he wants to attend after wondering if he is in the right class. (Read More...)

She seems proud of Scott's performance on her DNA & RNA structure test. {Read More...)

Mrs. Finch talks about chimeras and nucleotides just as Scott if figuring out how Tracy Stewart seems to be both werewolf and Kanima. She also berates Sydney for using her phone to answer a question and passes out forms to students who wish to drop her course. (Read More...)

Mrs. Finch lectures about invasive species in AP Biology. She uses the real-world example of the Cane Toad in Australia and, later, talks with Scott to reconsider his desire to drop the course. (Read More...)

She explains that codominance is “A relationship among alleles where both alleles contribute to the phenotype of the heterozygote.” (Read More...)

Season 6Edit

She is sough out by Scott, whom requires her assistance in figuring out what could cause a glass window to turn blue. She explains that the chemicals in a muzzle flash from a gun could include copper, barium, cesium, chemicals which can burn blue and green. (Read More...)

As she is teaching a class, Mrs. Finch is perplexed by Lydia and Scott leaving class and asks the class if they know that class is not optional. (Read More...)

Mrs. Finch walks in on Nolan and Gabe pummeling Liam. She ignores her duties by deciding not to get involved because sometimes its best for them to work things out on their own. (Read More...)

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