Oak Creek was a an Japanese internment camp during World War II that is not too far from Beacon Hills and Eichen House.

The camp was erased from record due to the events caused by a smuggling ring and the Nogitsune.


In 1943, Noshiko Yukimura and other Japanese citizens in the United States are held prisoner here due to a decree by President Roosevelt. While there, Noshiko would steal supplies from the trucks to give the people more food and medicine while others like Satomi kept to themselves.

During an outbreak of bacterial pneumonia, a number of prisoners died because one of the doctors was stealing and selling the M&B Sulphapyridine needed to treat the disease. This led to a riot which led to the death of many prisoners and Corporal Rhys. The military covered up the incident by burning the bodies and transferring the doctor.

In anger, Noshiko summoned a Nogitsune as revenge for the cover up, but the dark kitsune did more harm than intended. None of the people in Oak Creek or Eichen House survived its wrath. Noshiko battles the Nogitsune in the tunnels and, with Satomi's help, exorcises the spirit from Rhys' dead body. (The Fox and the Wolf)

The history of the camp was erased in a cover-up. Only a few people know of its existence like Ken Yukimura.

Season 3Edit

Allison Argent and Isaac Lahey hear an audio track of Oak Creek being mentioned, but Mr. Yukimura assures them that the camp does not exist. (Read More...)

Noshiko relays what happened at Oak Creek to Scott McCall and her daughter, Kira after they find Rhys' body and a photo of her from 1943. (Read More...)

Void Stiles takes Lydia to the abandoned camp and uses her to predict his own death so he can steal the Oni from Noshiko. Allison dies here while saving her friends from the demons. (Read More...)

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