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EDITOR'S NOTE: Peter is dead for most of Season 2. While Lydia hallucinates him several times, his first actual appearance is in the episode Restraint when we see him buried under Hale House.

Peter Hale is seen several times by Lydia Martin as a hallucination.

The first time is in the shower during her stay in the hospital. A badly burned arm shoots out of the drain and grabs her. (Read More...)

Lydia sees him in school he stands barefoot in the bathroom and standing in the hallway in front of a trophy case that features a picture of Peter as a young man. She later sees him buried under an ice rink while on a date with Stiles Stilinski. (Read More...)

He continues to appear, mainly in school. In economics class, Lydia sees him at the front of the class writing out an equation in a spiral pattern. (Read More...)

We learn that Lydia's stalker is actually Young Peter Hale and also a hallucination when he transforms into the bloody and burned adult version and says Lydia is the key to his plan because she is immune to a werewolf bite. He is then shown to be dead and buried under Hale House. (Read More...)

Peter appears to Lydia as a hallucination. He explains his plan and directs her to lace the punch at her party with Wolfsbane. He then has her dig up the floorboards over his grave and drag Derek Hale back to Hale House. There Lydia places a semi-conscious Derek in contact with Peter's corpse and directs moonlight with mirrors. The access to the full moon, combined with Derek's healing abilities, allows his body to fully heal and brings him back to life. (Read More...)

According to Dr. Deaton, Peter is weak and remains in the shadows while he gathers his strength. While he witnesses the events at the Sheriff's Department and sees Gerard kill Matt, he doesn't interfere. (Read More...)

Peter meets Derek at Hale House after Erica and Boyd abandon the pack. He tries to explain how he can help Derek against Gerard but the new Alpha is having none of it. They fight. Peter has a more difficult time healing since his resurrection left him weakened. He explains that there may be a way to save Jackson Whittemore and end Gerard's threat. (Read More...)

Peter says he wants to save Jackson, but then decides there isn't enough time and conspires with Derek to kill him instead and stop Gerard in the process. After seeing the Alpha Pack Symbol painted on the Hale House door, he says they're already in Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

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