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Derek Hale brings in Peter to the loft to help retrieve Isaac Lahey's lost memories. While he does get some impressions, he is unable to glean where The Alpha Pack is holding Boyd and Erica. Peter works out that the whole exercise of finding Boyd is a trap once he realizes the bank vault is lined with Hecatolite and tries to warn Derek to get away. (Read More...)

While Derek is searching for Boyd and Cora Hale, Peter shows up and explains that everything is happening according to Deucalion's plan. Peter says Deucalion wants Derek to kill Boyd and Cora as a step toward pushing Derek to join the Alpha Pack. Peter seems indifferent to Boyd and Cora saying Derek could kill them and simply make more werewolves. (Read More...)

Peter cautions Derek and the rest of the pack against attacking Deucalion. Peter and Cora search for Derek after his body disappears from the abandoned mall. They witness Kali's reaction to Ennis' death at the Animal Clinic. (Read More...)

Peter tells Stiles Stilinski and Cora his version of the story of how Derek's eyes became blue, lying about the part he played in manipulating the events that led to Young Derek taking an innocent life. (Read More...)

Peter, Derek, Scott McCall and Stiles attempt to get Cora out of the evacuated hospital while members of The Alpha Pack attempt to capture Jennifer Blake - the only person who can heal Cora. Peter injects himself with Epinephrine to help Scott go up against the merged Alpha Twins. (Read More..)

Peter advises Derek on a method of saving Cora. He says Derek will lose the spark of power that makes him an Alpha or possibly die. He seems pleased when Derek chooses to go forward with the plan. (Read More...)

He advises Derek and Cora to leave town in advance of Kali's attack. Later, at the Nemeton, he kills Jennifer. (Read More...)

A few weeks later, he is trapped along with Derek in an unknown location being tortured by an unknown individual. (Read More...)

The individuals who torture him and Derek cut off his ring finger while interrogating him. Peter and Derek are later rescued by Braeden. (Read More...)

Derek sews Peter's severed finger back on. Peter, at Derek's request, stabs Talia's claws underneath his own. He then stabs the claws into Derek's neck to allow him to "ask a question" of his mother. (Read More...)

Peter uses Lydia Martin to recover the memory Talia Hale took from him. He is apparently Malia Tate's father. (Read More...)

He helps Scott use his Alpha skills to save Stiles from the Nogitsune's influence, and in return, Lydia tells him Malia is his child. (Read More...)

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