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Peter appears in a flashback when Scott realizes his attack on Kate turned her into a shapeshifer. (Read More...)

Scott McCall and Malia Tate go to him for answers as to why Derek is suddenly a teenager. Later he is present in his family's vault when a mysterious figure steals $117 million in bearer bonds. (Read More...)

Peter doesn't want to - but agrees to pay Braeden to find Kate Argent in hopes that Kate can lead them to the person that robbed their vault. (Read More...)

Peter takes a tomahawk to the chest but manages to survive. He later kills The Mute by slashing him to death in front of Derek and Sheriff Stilinski. (Read More...)

Peter punches a runaway Brett Talbot. He then finds Kate and offers to teach her control in exchange for the return of his money and power. (Read More...)

He tries to convince Malia that he's not a bad guy, promising to help track down her mother. He is very relieved to learn that Scott is not dead. (Read More...)

Peter confronts Meredith Walker and we learn that, while comatose after the the fire, Peter was hospitalized in the same room with Meredith and apparently, subconsciously, gave her the entire Benefactor plan. (Read More...)

With the help of a berserker, Peter subdues Chris Argent and leaves him trapped in the storm drain. He tells Malia he's found the Desert Wolf and will help find her if Malia kills Kate Argent. (Read More...)

Peter's plan to kill Scott is thwarted by Stiles Stilinski and Kira Yukimura. Scott beats him into unconsciousness. Peter is drugged with Yellow Wolfsbane and transferred to a special ward at Eichen House where he is locked up with Dr. Valack. (Read More...)

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