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Scott infiltrates the Calaveras' club with Stiles, Lydia, Kira Yukimura, and Malia Tate in a search for Derek Hale. He is captured, tortured, and sent by the Calaveras to an Aztec temple to search for Kate Argent and Derek. (Read More...)

Scott and his friends try to figure out why Derek is a teenager again and he decides to go to Peter Hale for answers. (Read More...)

Scott accidentally injures Liam Dunbar at lacrosse tryouts. In order to save Liam from falling from the hospital roof, Scott bites him. His relationship with Kira reignites. (Read More...)

During the full moon, Scott struggles to find a way to communicate with his new Beta, Liam, and gets closer to Kira. (Read More...)

Scott does his best to help Liam control himself while hunting an assassin at a lacrosse game. (Read More...)

Scott finds a bag full of money. To save Liam, he is forced to help Garrett try to free Violet. Scott pledges that no one else from The Dead Pool will die. (Read More...)

Scott wonders what to do with the money. He becomes infected, loses control of his shift, and goes blind briefly before a cure is discovered. (Read More...)

Scott lets Kira "kill" him with foxfire in hopes of getting the Benefactor to show up at the hospital. He dreams of becoming a monster. (Read More...)

Scott learns that Derek no longer has his werewolf abilities. He is later attacked at a school bonfire by a sonic weapon and almost burned alive. (Read More...)

Scott helps Braeden, Derek, Kira, and Chris Argent defend Satomi's Pack from assassins. (Read More...)

Scott has a date with Kira that ends with him fighting Kate and a berserker. Captured and stolen away to Mexico, Kate seems to be turning him into a berserker. (Read More...)

Scott, as a berserker, attacks Kira and the rest of his friends when they come to rescue him in Mexico. Liam is able to get through to him and Scott rips off the berserker skull and fights Peter. He learns to master his Alpha strength without becoming a monster. (Read More...)

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