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Scott encounters a creature with large glowing talons. It nearly takes his power from him, but Scott musters enough strength to stop him. (Read More...)

Scott is at odds with Stiles when they discuss whether or not to let Theo Raeken into the pack. (Read More..)

Scott investigates a possible werewolf killing with Stiles and Malia Tate. They discover Tracy Stewart is to blame. (Read More...)

Scott learns from Dr. Deaton that someone is making non-supernatural chimeras, changing the rules of the supernatural world. He sees the Dread Doctors for the first time. (Read More...)

During a visit to Eichen House to see Dr. Valack about the Dread Doctors, Kira loses control of her electrical powers. Scott gets her out of Eichen House safely but is badly injured in the process. (Read More...)

After reading The Dread Doctors book, a flashback to his childhood triggers an asthma attack. (Read More...)

Scott, Liam and the pack help protect Hayden from the Dread Doctors. He is lured away from the group and suffers a hallucination of Kira trying to kill him. (Read More...)

Scott injects his claws into the back of Corey's neck to find the lair of the Dread Doctors and becomes agitated when he realizes they are getting nowhere with beating them. (Read More...)

Scott learns about Stiles involvement in Donovan's death but doesn't get the whole story. He fights the Dread Doctors then refuses to bite Hayden to save her life. (Read More...)

Liam attacks Scott during the supermoon. Scott is killed by Theo but revived by his mother. (Read More...)

Scott is having trouble recovering from his death. He desperately wants to reunite his pack. (Read More...)

He manages to reconcile with Stiles before they face some of Theo's resurrected chimeras. Theo informs him that what's coming will be worse than him. (Read More...)

Scott and Stiles travel to New Mexico to retrieve Kira. After rescuing her and her mother from Skinwalkers, they kiss. (Read More...)

Scott and Liam start reconciling while looking for the Dread Doctors' lair in the tunnels. They find an ouroboros symbol which opens a door to the lair. (Read More...)

Scott enacts a complex plan to get Lydia Martin out of Eichen House. During the plan, he notices his wound from Theo still hasn't healed. (Read More...)

He uses Meredith to find Lydia and how to break through the mountain ash surrounding the closed unit. (Read More...)

He comes up with a plan to prevent the Beast from killing anyone at the charity lacrosse game, and he reveals that his wound from Theo has healed. (Read More...)

He fights The Beast throughout the school; however, each encounter ends with Scott losing. After being saved by Braeden, he reveals that he caught the scent of the beast and this lead to him finding the bloody size 10 shoes in Mason's car. (Read More...)

Scott is helped to his room by Kira, he sees the scholarship application envelope on his bed and remembers that he missed his opportunity to send it off. The next morning he wakes up and joins in on the pack meeting be held in his kitchen. (Read More...)

He finally catches up to Sebastien in the tunnels. Scott agrees to give him the pike but only if he gives back Mason but Sebastien has no idea how to do that. So they begin to fight, as The Beast tries to escape, Jordan Parrish grabs it and then Scott throws the pike right into the beast. (Read More...)

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