Sean Walcott is a teen Wendigo appearing in Season 4 of Teen Wolf. The character marks the first time the Wendigo species appeared on the show. He is important to the series because it was Sean who forced Scott to bite Liam during a fight. Sean is played by Glenn McCuen.

Season 4Edit

Sean Walcott and his family lived in Beacon Hills and kept their supernatural nature a secret. The Benefactor's Dead Pool lists the Walcott family with a $1 million bounty.

In Muted, an assassin known as The Mute killed the all of the Walcotts, except Sean who escapes through a bathroom window. 

The teen makes it to the hospital under Melissa McCall's care. Eventually, overwhelmed by hunger, Sean kills and eats a deputy and attacks Melissa.

He and Scott battle on the hospital roof until the desperate wendigo throws Liam Dunbar over the side. Scott saves the teen while holding Sean back.

The Mute throws his tomahawk in Sean's back and kills him.

Later, Lydia Martin and Jordan Parrish search his family's house and find human bodies in a hidden meat locker.