The marketing push in advance of Teen Wolf Season 3 was the largest in the show's history.

MTV released hundreds of Behind the Scenes photos and more than a dozen on set videos throughout filming.

In addition to the regular trailer featuring footage from the show, the network produced several mini-movies.

Marketing Team Edit

The public face for the Teen Wolf Marketing Team is Matt McDonough, a professional photographer and Social Media Manager for Teen Wolf. McDonough is responsible for much of the content seen on the Official Teen Wolf Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

MTV Senior producer Danielle Garre coordinated the promotional video production.

Social Media Edit

Releases from the Teen Wolf set were plentiful but sporadic during the months between the end of Season 2 and the beginning of Season 3.

There was near constant activity on both the official Teen Wolf Tumblr and Twitter accounts with some photo releases, contests, and conversation with fans.

Social media activity peaked on February 19 when Teen Wolf released many videos from the set through the website and announced the Season 3 start date through a "twitter mosaic" which required fans to tweet the hashtag #TeenWolfSeason3 to participate.

Also on February 19, Teen Wolf Creator Jeff Davis did the first of what would be several Tumblr Q&A sessions with fans.

More videos from set followed, marking the 100-day countdown till the debut and answering fan mail on set.

Videos Edit

February 19 Releases Edit

MTV shot the following videos during the filming of Episode 5 near Acton California.

Rock Throwing Video MTV00:22

Rock Throwing Video MTV

Rock Paper Scissor Video MTV00:46

Rock Paper Scissor Video MTV

100 Days Video Edit

On February 23, MTV released a video alerting fans that the 100-day countdown to the Season 3 Debut had begun.

Promotional Tease Edit

A promotional teaser released on April 14th during the MTV Movie Awards debuted the season's tagline "This Might Hurt."




Mini-Movies Edit

A group of "Teeny Tiny Teases" came out starting on May 9th, 2013.

Unlike previous releases, the series of 10-second videos was available to international fans via youtube.

The videos came once or twice a day and feature audio and imagery from the show in a disjointed flash frame style.

TEEN WOLF Season 300:16

TEEN WOLF Season 3


TEEN WOLF Season 3-000:16

TEEN WOLF Season 3-0


TEEN WOLF Season 3-100:11

TEEN WOLF Season 3-1


TEEN WOLF Season 3-200:11

TEEN WOLF Season 3-2


TEEN WOLF Season 3-300:16

TEEN WOLF Season 3-3


TEEN WOLF Season 3-136863134400:11

TEEN WOLF Season 3-1368631344


TEEN WOLF Season 3-136865793700:16

TEEN WOLF Season 3-1368657937


Teen Wolf Season 3 Teaser00:11

Teen Wolf Season 3 Teaser


Official Trailer Edit

On May 17, MTV released a 31-second version of the official Season 3 trailer.

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview00:31

Teen Wolf Season 3 Preview


They released the official trailer for Season 3 on May 20, 2013.
Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer02:12

Official Teen Wolf Season 3 Trailer


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