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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Tattoo Linden Ashby Sheriff Stilinski
Sheriff Stilinski
ActorLinden Ashby
StatusBeacon County Sheriff/Stiles' Father
First AppearanceWolf Moon
Last AppearanceRequired Reading

Beacon County’s Sheriff Stilinski is the father of Stiles Stilinski, best friend of Scott McCall on MTV’s Teen Wolf.

Season 1

He struggled to solve what appear to be a series of deadly animal attacks. He would often go to the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to get an idea of what could have caused the attack. However, Dr. Deaton never really gives him a clear answer, which makes Stilinski suspicious of him.

He interrogates Adrian Harris about info he gave on how to commit arson and not get caught. Harris also draws a picture of a necklace to help him find the woman. Eventually, he realizes that they all seem to be connected to the arson at Derek Hale’s family home some years earlier. (read more...)

He is a single father, having lost his wife in a manner that has yet to be explained. When Stiles gets him drunk, it becomes clear that he deeply loved and misses his wife. (read more...)

He pieces together that the Hale fire was indeed arson. At the Hale House he finds the body of Kate Argent and the necklace connecting her to the crime. (read more...)

Season 2

He headed the search for Lydia after her disapperance from Beacon Hills Hospital. (read more...)

He questioned Isaac Lahey and Jackson after Isaac's father was killed. (read more...)

He was removed from his post as Sheriff because Stiles behavior was reflecting badly on the county. Specifically, because Stiles stole the department's van and was placed under a restraining order. (read more...)

Along with Stiles, Scott, and Mrs. McCall he is held hostage at the police station. (read more...)

After the police station incident, he's looked on as a hero and is reinstated as sheriff. Later he is seen cheering Stiles during the lacrosse championship. (read more...)

After Stiles comes home after going missing at the game, he embraces his son. When Lydia leaves Stilinski has a heart to heart talk with Stiles. He tells him that when everything seemed hopeless, Stiles was the "hero" at the game. (read more...)

Season 3

The Sheriff is once again baffled by events both supernatural and bizarre. First a Mysterious Girl crashes a motorcycle into a building causing $10,000 worth of damage. Then, animals all over Beacon Hills begin to act strangely killing themselves. (read more...)

After Stiles' friend disappears, he and other cops go on the search. We learn that, several years before, he'd investigated a robbery at the bank where Boyd and Erica were held prisoner. (read more...)

The Sheriff is kept busy as the body count rises. He's first called to the woods after a young girl disappears then investigates the boy's body found at the public pool. (read more...)

After another ritualistic murder, he becomes irritated that Stiles is involving himself in his police work, especially when the FBI is called in. (read more...)

Stilinski is called in after two doctors from the hospital go missing. When Doctor Deaton is taken, Stilinski tracks him to the abandoned bank.(read more...)

In a flashback, we see "Deputy" Stilinski trying to calm a grieving Ennis at the hospital during a homicide investigation. (read more...)

Stiles tries to tell him about the supernatural, shapeshifters and the Darach. He finally gives his son the benefit of the doubt and researches cases similar to what Stiles believes must have created the Darach. He saves Lydia from Ms. Blake, is then kissed by the Darach and kidnapped. (read more...)

When Mrs. McCall wonders where she and Stilinski are, he tells her they are at a Nemeton as Ms. Blake called it. (read more...)

While captured with Melissa and Chris, he tells them of how he sort of always knew something strange was going on in Beacon Hills. He shares a story from the night his wife died. He was tending to an accident victim who told him that he needed to get to his wife. He stayed at the scene instead and when he arrived at the hospital later, his wife was dead. (read more...)

The Sheriff is in the Nemeton with Melissa and Chris when a storm arrives. The roof of the Nemeton comes crashing down and Isaac attempts to hold it up to keep it from crushing the others. Stiles comes to the rescue and puts a baseball bat under the debris to hold it up. (read more...)

After finding out about the supernatural, Stilinski pulls out some old case files to see if there are links werewolves and other creatures. (read more...)

Stilinski continues to investigate the Tate case and eventually returns the human Malia Tate to her father. (read more...)

He and Agent McCall work together to stop William Barrow from causing harm after he escapes the hospital. (read more...)

He is present when Agent McCall interrogates Scott, Stiles, Kira and Lydia after their encounter with Barrow. (read more...)

He searches for Stiles with Scott and his friends. After Stiles is admitted to the hospital, he becomes teary after learning Stiles has the same disease that killed his wife. (read more...)

Stilinski is at the school helping detect a possible bomb on a school bus when he realizes that the bomb is in the police station. (read more...)

He reluctantly lets Stiles place himself at a mental institution in order to protect the people around him. (read more...)

Stilinski recruits Chris, Derek, and Allison to help find a way to capture the Nogitsune and save Stiles. He later comforts Allison when she emotionally opens up with her insecurities. We also learn that he once served in the army. (read more...)

After protecting Stiles from the Oni, he faces a review board and is almost impeached until Agent McCall speaks on his behalf and thus saving his job. (read more...)

At the police station, Stilinski embraces his son and just when he believes it over Scott informs him that it is not over. (read more...)

He and Deputy Parrish are attacked by the Oni and keep each other alive in the mist of survival. (read more...)

Season 4

When a young Derek Hale shows up at the station, a perplexed Stilinski hands him off to Scott and Stiles. (read more...)

Stilinski investigates a murder of a family. He doesn't believe there is a supernatural angle to the murder and is relieved. (read more...)

The Sheriff calls on Derek to help him investigate the murder of a teenage Wendigo. They track down The Mute but Peter kills the suspect before Stilinski can arrest him. (read more...)

Stiles and Scott fill him in on the assassins, the Benefactor and the dead pool. He brings Deputy Parrish in to help Lydia and Meredith work out the second keyword. (read more...)

Stilinski is injured by Berserkers while helping transfer Violet to the feds. (read more...)

The CDC puts him in charge of keeping the crowd under control while they do their job. (read more...)

During a struggle between two deputies, Stilikski is shot in the shoulder and is brought to the hospital. He worries for the costs and has an argument with Stiles over it. (read more...)

He brings in Peter Hale at Meredith's request to figure out to stop the Dead Pool and later holds a gun to Peter's head when it's revealed the Dead Pool was His idea (read more...)

He receives a letter of apology from Eichen House which encourages him to take Stiles and Malia out to dinner. (read more...)

Stilinski forbids Stiles to go to Mexico but his son ends up going anyway, later, after they get back, he and Malia go out to eat while Stiles is handcuffed to his desk. (read more...)

Season 5

Stilinski sends Parrish to investigate a noise complaint. Later he rescues Parrish and takes him to the hospital. (read more...)

He initally refuses to help Stiles' look into Theo Raeken and his family but allows Parrish to run a background check. The Sheriff is no longer wearing his wedding ring. (read more...)

Stilinski is getting ready for a date when he investigates a homicide related to Donovan being in custody. His date is revealed to be Lydia's mother. (read more...)

Stilinski is hesitant to move Tracy's body from a crime scene but realizes that it would expose the supernatural world to Beacon Hills. (read more...)

He and his deputies find dug up holes on the athletic field and later is discussing a connection between the known chimeras with Malia and Stiles. (read more...)



  • Not exactly, or no? Because when it comes to law, there's a fairly large divide between not exactly and no. Like, if 'not exactly' were sitting in this chair, then 'no' would be somewhere in the middle of the pacific ocean, drowning next to my career. So what's it gonna be, huh? Not exactly or no?” — Sheriff to Jackson Whittemore in Venomous.
  • Are you crazy?” — Sheriff to Stiles Stilinski in Fury.

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