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He finds his son wandering in the woods after he listened on a call about a dead body found in the woods. (Read More...)

He arrest Derek Hale after they find the other half of Laura Hale buried at his house. (Read More...)

Stilinski stops by the Beacon Hills Animal Clinic to ask Dr. Deaton if he could identify the animal that caused the recent animal attacks. (Read More...)

When he goes the parent/teacher conference, learns about Stiles' further oddities at school and is hit by a car when a mountain lion makes its way to the parking lot. (Read More...)

After the Alpha's attack, he questions Scott McCall over the matter of a missing janitor's body. (Read More...)

Stiles finds him recovering the bodies of Unger and Reddick and he is unexpectedly embraced by his Stiles during which he returns the gesture. (Read More...)

He interrogates Adrian Harris about info he gave on how to commit arson and not get caught. Harris also draws a picture of a necklace to help him find the woman. Eventually, he realizes that they all seem to be connected to the arson at Derek Hale’s family home some years earlier. (Read More...)

When Stiles gets him drunk, he reveals how the murders are connected to the Hale Arson Conspiracy. It also becomes clear that he deeply loved and misses his wife. (Read More...)

He pulls over Allison Argent for a ticket after she is caught speeding. (Read More...)

He pieces together that the Hale fire was indeed arson and questions Jackson Whittemore and Stiles about Lydia Martin being attack. At the Hale House, he finds the body of Kate Argent and the necklace connecting her to the crime. (Read More...)

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