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He headed the search for Lydia Martin after her disappearance from Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. (Read More...)

He questioned Isaac Lahey and Jackson Whittemore after Isaac's father was killed. (Read More...)

He checks on Stiles after an attack on a auto repair station and takes his jeep as evidence. (Read More...)

Jackson goes to him to change his statement regarding Isaac as a suspect for his father's murder. (Read More...)

He assists Mr. Whittemore in finding Jackson after he goes missing and informs Scott McCall and Stiles of Whittemore's status after they arrive at the station. (Read More...)

He reads the details of a restraining order on Scott and Stiles to both of them after allegedly kidnapping Jackson. (Read More...)

He was removed from his post as Sheriff because Stiles behavior was reflecting badly on the county. Specifically, because Stiles stole the department's van and was placed under a restraining order. (Read More...)

Stilinski forms a theory that the recent murder victims are former students of Adrian Harris until the murder of Kara Simmons ruins that theory. (Read More...)

He; along with Stiles, Scott and Melissa McCall is held hostage by Matt Daehler at the police station. (Read More...)

After the police station incident, he's looked on as a hero and is reinstated as sheriff. Later, he is seen cheering Stiles during the lacrosse championship. (Read More...)

After Stiles comes home after going missing at the game, he embraces his son. When Lydia leaves Stilinski has a heart to heart talk with Stiles. He tells him that when everything seemed hopeless, Stiles was the "hero" at the game. (Read More...)

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