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When a young Derek Hale shows up at the station, a perplexed Stilinski hands him off to Scott McCall and Stiles. (Read More...)

Stilinski investigates a murder of a family. He doesn't think there is a supernatural angle to the murder. (Read More...)

The Sheriff calls on Derek to help him investigate the murder of a teenage Wendigo. They track down The Mute but Peter Hale kills the suspect before Stilinski can arrest him. (Read More...)

Stiles and Scott fill him in on the assassins, the Benefactor and the dead pool. He brings Jordan Parrish in to help Lydia Martin and Meredith Walker work out the second keyword. (Read More...)

Stilinski is injured by Berserkers while helping transfer Violet to the feds. (Read More...)

The CDC puts him in charge of keeping the crowd under control while they investigate a viral outbreak at the school. (Read More...)

During a struggle between Parrish and Deputy Haigh, Stilikski is shot in the shoulder and is brought to the hospital. He worries over the costs and has an argument with Stiles over their financial situation. (Read More...)

He brings in Peter Hale at Meredith's request to figure out how to stop the Dead Pool and later holds a gun to Peter's head when it's revealed the Dead Pool was his idea. (Read More...)

He receives a letter of apology from Eichen House which encourages him to take Stiles and Malia Tate out to dinner. (Read More...)

Stilinski forbids Stiles to go to Mexico but his son ends up going anyway. Later, he rescues Lydia and Mason Hewitt from a Berserker by blowing it up. When Stiles gets back, he and Malia go out to eat while leaving Stiles handcuffed to his desk. (Read More...)

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