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Stilinski sends Jordan Parrish to investigate a noise complaint. Later, he rescues Parrish and takes him to the hospital. (Read More...)

He initially refuses to help Stiles look into Theo Raeken and his family but allows Parrish to run a background check. The Sheriff is no longer wearing his wedding ring. (Read More...)

Donovan threatens to kill him. Stilinski gets ready for a date but instead must investigate a homicide. His date with Natalie Martin is interrupted when Tracy Stewart attacks the Sheriff's station. (Read More...)

Stilinski is hesitant to move Tracy's body from a crime scene but does so rather than expose the supernatural world to Beacon Hills. (Read More...)

He and his deputies find holes dug into the athletic field at school. He talks with Malia Tate and Stiles about possible connections between the known chimeras. (Read More...)

The sheriff has Melissa McCall give him access to medical records and he puts together that each of the known chimeras had a prior procedure at the hospital and they were already genetic chimeras prior to the Dread Doctors interference. (Read More...)

He reluctantly has Kira Yukimura arrested for murder but has to let her go after her father confesses. He and several deputies attempt to prevent the latest chimera body from being taken but fail. (Read More...)

Stilinski has all his deputies looking for chimera. He seems to believe Theo's lie about how Donovan died. (Read More...)

He investigates a disturbance at the school and, later, is attacked off-screen by Noah Patrick. Stiles finds him in an abandoned house all bloody and barely conscious. (Read More...)

Stilinski is treated for his wounds but his health continues to deteriorate due to poisoning. (Read More...)

He listens to what really happened to Donovan and assures his son that it was self-defense despite what the courts would say. (Read More...)

He and Parrish wonder if the deputy's dream of everyone dying is coming true when more than 20 bodies, victims of the Beast, are found. (Read More...)

He leads a chase on The Beast and later confronts Lydia's mother about what's really going on at Eichen House. (Read More...)

While he cannot find a way to cancel the charity lacrosse, he says a coach can forfeit the game. (Read More...)

Stilinski deploys a set of spike strips in the road in order to prevent Parrish from leaving town. He informs Parrish that he's his best deputy and that they need him. (Read More...)

Stilinski overhears Sebastien asking for a man named Argent. After receiving many texts from Stiles, he realizes that Sebastien is The Beast. Stilinski then threatens to shoot him but decides against it in order to keep everyone else safe. (Read More...)

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