Skinwalkers, in Native American lore, are people who possess the power to take on the shape of different animals.

Real World MythEdit

In legend, a skinwalker is most frequently seen as a coyote, wolf, fox, eagle, owl, or crow but have the power to assume the form of any animal they choose.

Most sources describe the Navajo skinwalker as evil due to the rituals necessary to attain the power.


Teen Wolf Executive Producer Jeff Davis explained to Teen Wolf News that he worked closely with a Navajo consultant in developing the skinwalker characters for the show.

Season 5Edit

Noshiko Yukimura takes her daughter Kira to a group of skinwalkers at Shiprock, New Mexico in hopes they can help Kira gain control of her fox spirit. (Read More...)

They give Kira a test and determine that she must stay in the desert and become a skinwalker in order to control her fox spirit. (Read More...)

Kira returns to the desert in search for their help, so that she can save her friends. They appear out of the darkness and agree to help her but warn that their help comes with a price. (Read More...)

After providing the necessary means for Kira to save her friends, she joins the skinwalkers in the desert. Hoping that they can teach her to control the fox. (Read More...)

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