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Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 24 The Divine Move Stiles Recovered

Stiles Stilinski Sidekick/Best Friend/Nogitsune-Free
Actor: Dylan O'Brien — First Appearance: Wolf Moon — Last Appearance: The Divine Move

“Stiles” Stilinski is one of the main characters on MTV’s Teen Wolf and Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure. He is portrayed by Dylan O'Brien.

He is Scott McCall’s best friend and helps him through the various complications facing the young werewolf.

Stiles' life has become infinitely more complicated since "dying" as a surrogate sacrifice. Waking dreams and lost time caused him to believe he might be losing his mind. Stiles was, at one time, fully possessed by a Nogitsune but seems fully recovered now.


Stiles is a student at Beacon Hills High School and the son of Beacon County's Sheriff Stilinski.

His mother, Claudia Stilinski, died 6 years ago. He was present when she passed and has never gotten over her death. For some unknown reason, Stiles blames himself.

He was a geeky but otherwise normal kid before a werewolf bit his best friend and threw his world into constant chaos.

Stiles is sarcastic, funny and outspoken. He is extremely clever and has led the way in working through many of the mysteries of the show.

He is a bit frustrated that the werewolf bite has cast him as Robin to Scott’s Batman but he is a solid friend and loyal to a fault.

For the longest time he held an intense but unrequited love for fellow classmate Lydia Martin. Their relationship has grown into a strong friendship.

While they have a typically combative parent/teenager relationship, Stiles loves his father very much and often worries about his safety.

Stiles relationship with Derek Hale is awkward and adversarial. Scenes featuring the two characters offer some of the show's funniest moments.

Season 1

After something bites his best friend Scott, Stiles researches and figures out that a werewolf is to blame. He then researches werewolves to give Scott an idea of what’s to come. (read more…)

His friendship is tested when Scott wolfs out in the locker room and tries to kill him. Stiles defends himself with fire extinguisher and urges Scott not to play lacrosse. He explains that the frustration and violence of the game can trigger a transformation. Later the pair digs up a body outside the Hale House. (read more…)

After Derek is shot with a wolfsbane-laced bullet, Stiles is forced to protect him and comes close to sawing Derek’s arm off. (read more…)

Stiles investigates another murder and finds video of The Alpha Werewolf on Lydia’s phone. He can’t find Scott who has cut school for an all-day walk in the woods with Allison. Stiles decides to erase the video. In one of the show’s funniest moments, Stiles asks Danny if he finds him attractive. (read more…)

Stiles figures out that Scott’s heart rate triggers transformations. He sets up test which consists of him flinging balls at Scott’s face and proves his theory. He then sparks a violent confrontation with a group of older students to test Scott’s belief that thoughts of Allison can help him stay in control. (read more…)

Stiles helps Scott call to The Alpha Werewolf who shows up, attacks Derek and then traps Stiles and his friends in the high school. Stiles calls his father who eventually comes to get the kids out. (read more…)

Scott betrays Stiles by making out with Lydia. Stiles tries to lock Scott up during the full moon but his friend escapes. The hunters suspect Stiles might be a werewolf.(read more…)

Stiles and Scott help Derek who is on the run from the police and the hunters. He hides Derek in his room. He later enlists Danny to help track down a suspect email which leads him to the identity of the Alpha Werewolf. (read more…)

Stiles gets his dad drunk and plies him for information about the Sheriff’s investigation into the animal attacks. He also reveals how much he misses Stiles’ mother. Stiles later helps Scott interrupt Mrs. McCall’s date with Peter Hale. (read more…)

Allison forces Lydia to attend a school dance with Stiles as punishment for Lydia’s indiscretion with Scott. Later Stiles confesses his love for Lydia and they share a dance. After Lydia is bitten by Peter Hale, Stiles begs him not to kill her. They strike a deal and Peter spares his life. (read more…)

Stiles helps Peter track down Derek via Scott’s cellphone GPS. Peter offers to turn him into a werewolf but Stiles refuses. He and Jackson team up to find Scott but are stopped by the hunters who rough them up and question them. Arriving at the Hale House in the middle of Scott’s fight with the Alpha, Stiles throws a chemical mixture at the beast which Allison ignites with an arrow. (read more…)

Season 2

Stiles leads Scott and Allison in the search for Lydia after she goes missing from the hospital. Stiles gets detention for talking in Mr. Harris' class. The teacher says he plans to be extra hard on Stiles because of the way the sheriff treated him during the events of last season. (read more...)

Stiles throws a wad of paper at Mr. Harris' head as an excuse to get himself and Scott sent to the principal. He ends up in detention again. Stiles, Scott and Derek try to rescue Isaac from jail after his arrest. (read more...)

Stiles sets up a double date with Lydia, Scott and Allison at the skating rink. Stiles has no game and fumbles while trying to talk to Lydia. They're interrupted when Lydia suffers a hallucination of Peter Hale under the ice. Stiles comforts her. He is later assaulted and thrown in a dumpster by Erica. (read more...)

Stiles runs back and forth delivering messages between Scott and Allison who are pretending to be broken up. He tries to find the Argent's bestiary in Gerard's office but gets shanghaied by Erica and Derek. He then gets trapped in the pool keeping a paralyzed Derek afloat while fending off the kanima. (read more...)

Stiles is intent on keeping Lydia safe after Derek comes to believe she is the kanima. He comes close to shooting Scott in the head with a crossbow and ends up fighting Issac in Scott's house. (read more...)

When Jackson is discovered to be the kanima he takes one of the police department's armored vehicles to contain Jackson. (read more...)

He goes to Lydia and later Erica to find out who and happened to Jackson's parents. After he helps stop Scott and Jackson's brawl he is given detention along with them, Matt, Erica, and Allison. When Jackson transforms into the kanima and attacks Erica, he goes along with Scott to Derek's hideaway to heal her. (read more...)

When the group decides to set a trap for the kanima and the master he sets up a circle of mountain ash around the warehouse. Later he interrogates the master through Jackson. (read more...)

Stiles learns from his father that Mr. Harris was brought in for questioning in the murder investigation. Stiles isn't convinced. His dad then notices a picture of the swim team and sees all the victims were members and Isaac’s dad was the coach. Stiles calls his drag queen friends from Jungle to come to Lydia's birthday party. He then hallucinates and sees his father yelling at him in a drunken rage. (read more...)

Stiles tries to convince his dad that Matt is the killer and that they need to look at the evidence at the police station. When they are at the police station Matt appears and holds everyone at gunpoint. After Derek arrives paralyzed Stiles for his sarcasm is paralyzed by Jackson and falls on Derek. Stiles stays paralyzed the remainder of the episode only being able to drag himself around. (read more...)

Stiles explains to Ms. Morrell that he’s not sleeping, is jumpy and suffers from a constant overwhelming fear that something terrible is about to happen. He confesses to Scott that he feels helpless after having to watch, paralyzed, while Matt cracked his dad’s head open. He says that he and Scott are losing their fight. For the first time Stiles gets to play lacrosse. He scores three goals leading the BHHS Cyclones to a Championship. He then disappears without a trace. (read more...)

It's revealed that the Hunters kidnapped Stiles and is temporally imprisoned with Boyd and Erica. After doubting that Gerard could beat him to a pulp, Gerard does so. He comes home with his dad embracing him and later giving him a heart to heart talk. His father tells him when all seemed lost he was the "hero" and helped save day, although he meant the lacrosse. Stiles feels he's no hero, but he and Lydia go to the warehouse to help save Jackson. (read more...)

Season 3

Stiles is with Scott at the Tattoo Parlor, then witnesses his friend's ink vanish into his rapidly healing skin. Later, Stiles sees examples of the bizarre animal behavior in Beacon Hills when a deer smashes into Lydia's car and a flock of crows smash through the windows of his English classroom. (read more...)

Stiles takes Scott to a birthday party for his Childhood friend Heather. She wants to have sex and takes him down to wine cellar where they can be alone. Lacking a condom, Stiles runs upstairs to find one. When he returns Heather is gone. Stiles figures a way into The Alpha Pack's bank based on previous robbery there. He and Peter figure out that Derek and Scott are heading into a trap. (read more...)

Lydia calls Stiles to a murder scene at the public pool. Later he and Lydia realize that her fugue state before finding the body is similar to what happened when Peter Hale was in her head. Melissa McCall brings Stiles to the hospital to examine the wounds on the latest homicide victim. She shows him Heather's body as well which brings him to tears and makes him realize that the killer is targeting virgins. (read more...)

After another body is discovered Stiles tries to defend the accusations against the Alpha Pack saying that there is no "werewolfitude" in them. He also discovers that the killer is not just going after virgins but other as well. (read more...)

He accompanies Scott on the Cross Country meet to talk about the recent events surrounding the Alpha Pack, the new killer, and Derek supposed death. He helps Allison and Lydia to have Scott heal himself by making a student throw up in order to stop the bus. (read more...)

He and Scott share a room at the Glen Capri motel. He helps Allison and Lydia in stopping Boyd, Isaac, Ethan and Scott from killing themselves after they'd been poisoned with hallucination-causing wolfsbane. (read more...)

Stiles helps Scott in his search for Dr. Deaton attempting to tap whatever power Lydia might have to seek physic answers. He discovers Danny's research proposal for a paper on natural electromagnetic currents running under Beacon Hills. Later he attempts to help Derek in his fight with the Alpha Pack. (read more...)

Stiles is seeking Derek and goes to Cora and Peter for help. Stiles ends up listening to a long story about how Derek's eyes went from yellow to blue. (read more...)

After a deputy is killed by the Darach, he is forced to tell his father about the supernatural. He is not believed and an argument ensues. Later he watches helplessly as the Darach attacks and kidnaps his father. (read more...)

While trapped in the hospital with the Darach and the Alpha Pack, Stiles brings Cora back to life with mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. He later realizes that the Darach's "Guardian" targets are parents and begs Scott not to join Deucalion. (read more...)

Stiles joins Lydia to search for clues that might lead him to his father. They discover that Lydia had been drawing the Nemeton but can't find anyone who remembers where it is located. Stiles agrees to die as a "surrogate sacrifice" for his dad. (read more...)

Stiles crashes his jeep while trying to find the Nemeton. He arrives just in time to save his father and the other kidnapped parents. (read more...)

Stiles is feeling the consequences of his "surrogate sacrifice", which result in nightmares, constant angst and the inability to discern dreams from reality. (read more...)

Stiles is still struggling with nightmares, panic attacks and the inability to read. He helps Scott to find Malia. After the success of their enterprise, he's able to read the warning on the side mirror of his father's car. (read more...)

He and Scott prank Coach Finstock for Mischief Night. Stiles and Lydia track William Barrow and discover his intended victim. (read more...)

A new key mysteriously appears on Stiles' key ring. He becomes a little obsessed with finding out about it. He meets a girl (Caitlin) at a blacklight party and makes out with her. We learn Stiles may have had a hand in Barrow's attack on Kira. (read more...)

A few hours later he returns to the Chemistry classroom with Scott but writing on the blackboard is no longer there. The extra key has disappeared too. He goes to the hospital and explains his symptoms to Scott's mom. She gives him a sedative. When he wakes, he wanders the halls of the hospital until confronted by the Oni. They move to attack but Stiles plunges his hand into one and yanks out a firefly. The creature dissolves. (read more...)

Stiles sleepwalks and becomes disoriented. He calls Scott for help and to come find him. He is involved in an internal struggle with the Nogitsune which eventually overtakes him. (read more...)

Stiles is missing for 48 hours. He shows up at school claiming he doesn't know where he's been but that he apparently was setting traps for the Cross Country Team. He is still under the complete control of the Nogitsune. (read more...)

Stiles checks himself into Eichen House but quickly discovers it was a mistake. He hooks up with Malia Tate and is betrayed by his roommate. He gives in to the Nogitsune. (read more...)

Nogitsune/Stiles attacks Mr. Yukimura in an attempt to find his wife's tail. He then leaves clues to direct his father and Chris Argent to Derek's loft. (read more...)

Nogitsune/Stiles possesses the twins, Isaac and Derek. Scott and Lydia enter Stiles mind to free him from the dark influence. There are now two Stiles. One is the Nogitsune wearing a copy of Stiles body.(read more...)

Stiles is free of the Nogitsune but his body gets steadily weaker. He nevertheless helps Scott track down Lydia. (read more...)

Stiles weakens further but joins Scott, Kira and Lydia in a final assault on the Nogitsune. He figures out their battle is just an illusion and with a "Divine Move" finally wins the creature's game. (read more...)

Stiles' Shirt

Starting in Episode 313, Stiles is seen wearing the same shirt in three successive episodes .

The blue and white ringer t-shirt is the first thing Stiles puts on when he finally "wakes up" in Anchors. He wears it again the day after he and Scott discover Malia's Den in More Bad Than Good.

Then, in Galvanize, an apparent production glitch places him in the shirt for less than a minute in the middle of a scene. One second he is wearing another shirt - he then is seen wearing the ringer t-shirt - in the next shot he's back to his original wardrobe.

There is, as of the end of Season 3, no explanation for this phenomenon.

The Name

This character’s name is the source of confusion and dispute.

Early publicity for the show[1] identified him as “Stan Stilinsky” as does the pilot cast list for “Wolf Moon” at IMDB.[2]

During the episode The Tell, a very brief shot of his school records showed his last name spelled “Stilinski”. MTV also uses this as the character name on their website.[3]

Complicating the question of Stiles’ surname further is the fact that his father was identified as “Sheriff Stilinsky” in all episode cast lists[4], the main cast list for the show[5] and in much of the publicity surrounding the show. In Formality we see, for the first time, the name tag on the sheriff’s uniform which says “Stilinski” (see images).

Later listings of the cast have the character name as simply “Stiles” and this is the nickname all characters use when addressing him on the show.[6]

Further complicating the name issue, is the fact that his father is identified in the credits for the Season 2 episode Omega as "Sheriff Stalinski".

During The Tell, Coach Bobby Finstock made fun of Stiles’ first name. He said it amounted to child abuse.

The joke was revived in the Season 3 episode Riddled when the doctor performing the MRI says he's unsure how to pronounce Stiles' first name or believes it to be a misspelling.

Tyler Posey told the Comic Con 2011 panel that viewers will learn his first name and will “crack up” when they do. This has so far proved to be untrue.

On the August 19th episode of The Fantastic Show, Jeff Davis said "A lot of people think that he doesn't have a first name, that I don't know what it is but I do... and it's very difficult to pronounce." He refused to reveal the name saying "Maybe in the last episode of our series... the series finale maybe."



  • No, a body of water. Yes, dumbass, a dead body!” — Stiles to Scott in Wolf Moon
  • Hey, Lydia! You look like — you're gonna ignore me.” — Stiles to Lydia in Wolf Moon
  • Come on, if I have to, I'll chain you up myself on full moon nights and feed you, live, mice. I had a boa once. I can do it.” — Stiles to Scott in Wolf Moon
  • I define it as... as reclining your body in a horizontal position.” — Stiles to his dad in Second Chance at First Line
  • Am I attractive to gay guys?” — Stiles asks Scott in Pack Mentality
  • You're a horrible person.” — Danny to Stiles in Wolf's Bane.
  • I know. It keeps me awake at night.” — Stiles to Danny in Wolf's Bane
  • If I’m harboring your fugitive ass. My house, my rules buddy.” — Stiles to Derek in Wolf's Bane
  • “You mean like ‘Hey Dad! Derek Hale's in my room..bring your gun’”” — Stiles to Derek in Wolf's Bane
  • No, you stopped to bake it in a little werewolf oven.” — Stiles to Scott in Pack Mentality
  • Why's it starting to feel like you're Batman and I'm Robin? I don't wanna be Robin all the time!” — Stiles to Scott in Pack Mentality.
  • No, a unicorn... dumbass.” — Stiles to Jackson about Lydia transforming in Omega
  • If you harm one perfect, strawberry-blonde hair on her head, I'm gonna turn your little werewolf ass into a fur coat and give it to her as a birthday present.” — Stiles to Isaac in Venomous
  • You're killing death!” — Stiles to Jackson in Frenemy
  • This new-found heroism is making me very attracted to you.” — Stiles to Scott McCall in Ice Pick
  • Abominable snowman. But it's more of a "wintertime" thing. You know, seasonal.” — Stiles to Matt in Fury
  • Matt's head. I sit behind him in history. He's got a very distinct cranium.” — Stiles to his dad in Fury
  • Can someone kill him again please?” — Stiles to Peter Hale in Chaos Rising
  • Is he looking at me? Are you threatening me? You know what I'm going to do? I'm going to break off an extra large branch of mountain ash, wrap it in wolfsbane, roll it in mistletoe, and shove it up your freaking...” — Stiles starting to threaten Ethan in The Girl Who Knew Too Much
  • You know next time I put my lips to your mouth you better be awake” — Stiles talking to the unconscious but breathing Cora in The Overlooked



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