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Stiles and Malia Tate have become closer. He's been teaching her to be more human. They along with Scott McCall, Lydia Martin and Kira Yukimura travel to Mexico in search of Derek Hale. (Read More...)

Stiles watches young Derek Hale for Scott until Derek escapes with Kate Argent. He confesses that Malia has been sneaking into his bed each night. (Read More...)

Stiles throws himself into lacrosse tryouts and helps Malia with her homework. (Read More...)

Stiles tries to help Scott corral Liam Dunbar. He then watches over Malia during the full moon and helps her gain control of her transformation. (Read More...)

Stiles investigates the murder of Carrie Hudson and figures out that the weapon used was attached to a lacrosse stick. (Read More...)

Stiles and Lydia figure out the third and final keyword. (Read More...)

Stiles figures out the source of the infection and is almost killed by The Chemist. (Read More...)

He has to adjust to life without Malia while helping with a plan to "kill" Scott and flush out the Benefactor. (Read More...)

Stiles' father is hospitalized adding to his family money concerns. He helps Lydia find the keyword to unlock a coded message from her grandmother and is almost killed by Brunski. (Read More...)

Stiles and Malia make up. They work together to find and shut down the computer running The Dead Pool at Lorraine Martin's lake house. (Read More...)

Stiles shifts his investigation from The Benefactor to finding Malia's mother. He learns his Eichen House debt is forgiven and fails miserably during the first lacrosse game. (Read More...)

Stiles disobeys his father and goes after Scott in Mexico. He helps Liam control his shift on the full moon. He finds Kira in the temple and together they stop Malia from killing Berserker Scott. (Read More...)

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