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Stiles puts together a plan as to what everyone will do after high school to make sure that the group does not drift apart after graduation. (Read More...)

Stiles obsesses on why Theo Raeken should not be trusted so he doesn't become part of the pack. He also notices that his father no longer wears his wedding ring. (Read More...)

Stiles gets information from Braeden concerning the Desert Wolf. (Read More...)

Stiles investigates possible chimeras in Beacon Hills and later is attacked by Donovan. (Read More...)

Stiles kills Donovan in self defense and is distraught. At Eichen House, Stiles and Lydia visit Dr. Valack for answers about the Dread Doctors. (Read More...)

After reading The Dread Doctors book, he remembers that his mother's dementia caused her to believe that 10-year-old Stiles wanted to kill her. Later, Josh Diaz attacks him on the hospital roof. He's rescued by Theo. (Read More...)

Stiles and Theo attempt to identify the person stealing the chimera's bodies and Stiles' jeep is flipped over by Jordan Parrish. (Read More...)

Stiles continues to lie about the night Donovan died. He lies to his dad about his school ID/key card being lost. His card shows the name "M. Stilinski." He figures out that Parrish is taking the chimera bodies. (Read More...)

He and Lydia search for the Nemeton but can't find it. Scott learns about Donovan's death and confronts Stiles. (Read More...)

Stiles is about to tell his dad about Donovan when Parrish escapes and, while following him, confronts Theo. (Read More...)

With his father dying, Stiles seeks out Theo for answers. He later, reluctantly, teams with Scott and Malia to track down Noah Patrick to help save his father's life. (Read More...)

After encouragement from his father, Stiles returns to Scott and they learn that the new chimera is actually a resurrected being. (Read More...)

He and Scott travel to New Mexico to retrieve Kira Yukimura, and he tells Scott all the details about Donovan's death. (Read More...)

Stiles visits Lydia at Eichen House and decides to form a plan to get her out of there by stealing a key card. (Read More...)

After finding Lydia, he is forced leave when Valack comes to interrogate her. He listens and watches Theo's attack and Parrish's break in. (Read More...)

Stiles reluctantly works with Theo to rescue Lydia from Dr. Valack. (Read More...)

He plays at the charity lacrosse where he, Scott and Liam try to prevent an attack from the Beast. (Read More...)

With Hayden's help, they drag Liam Dunbar into the school and put him on a desk. Stiles tells Hayden that Liam can't heal and maybe if they cause him a little more pain, it'll trigger the healing process. (Read More...)

Stiles is informed by Malia and Braeden that The Desert Wolf is coming after him as well. Since he's in danger, Stiles sees it fit that he has a gun to protect himself. Braeden tosses him an unloaded gun. He bumbles and drops it. (Read More...)

As Stiles is leaving the hospital, Scott hands him a container and tells him to make sure it gets to Malia. Once arriving at the McCall House, Corrine points a gun at him but Malia pushes him to the out the way. Stiles gets back up and attacks the desert wolf but he is thrown to the ground and stabbed with a shard of glass. (Read More...)

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