Teen Wolf: The Hunt was a promotional online game released by MTV in advance of Teen Wolf's second season. The game website no longer works. When it was operational, fans were able to “friend” and interact with characters as part of a “choose-your-own-adventure” mystery that ran parallel to the primary plot of Season 2.

Game PlayEdit

Players helped solve a murder mystery in Beacon Hills. Users created a persona and interacted with show characters who would "text" players with hidden clues and video messages. These clues were released on a schedule designed to get players to return each week. Show creator Jeff Davis and writer Angela Harvey provided an original storyline designed to complement the Season 2 episodes.

Concept Edit

The idea was an early attempt to use social media platforms to expand storytelling opportunities. It debuted eight months after the USA network created an online mystery game tied into their show Psych in 2011.

Teen Wolf: The Hunt was billed by MTV as “The new “Teen Wolf” social experience” when it launched on Facebook and other social media platforms in June 2012. It was part of a network strategy MTV called "Storytelling Without Borders" at the time.

Former MTV President Stephen Friedman explained it this way, “The characters will then give clues, that only the people online will be playing. The creators of the show, will put them on screen and only the audience that has played the game with Facebook, brought to you by sponsors, will know that it was part of the game. We’re talking to a few of them now about it now. Our sponsors are looking for a different engagement. We don’t want to lose the audience either when the show isn't airing. It’s a double win.”

Reaction Edit

MTV touted the game's success after five weeks claiming "Users have spent an average of 46 minutes playing The Hunt and 81% of them are weekly visitors.[1]



Stiles message week100:37

Stiles message week1



Ms Morrell Conversation00:40

Ms Morrell Conversation

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