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The Martin Family is a family of characters featured in MTV's Teen Wolf.

Lydia Martin is a Banshee. Her mother, Mrs. Martin, and her father, Mr. Martin are divorced.

Lorraine Martin

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 9 Perishable Lorraine Martin meets Meredith

Lorraine Martin was Lydia's paternal grandmother.

When Lydia was young, they would read The Little Mermaid and Lydia insisted on being called "Ariel" after the book's main character.

Decades ago, Lorraine worked for IBM in San Francisco and was in love with a woman named Maddy.

Lydia believes her grandmother, with knowledge of computers, was used by The Benefactor to create the code she uses for The Dead Pool.

In Perishable, Lydia relates a story in which her grandmother had a premonition that Maddy was going to die during a storm on the lake, suggesting she was Banshee like her granddaughter.

After Maddy's death, she sought out Parapsychologists to explain her abilities. This led her to Meredith Walker. The experiments carried out on the girl drove her insane.

Lorraine was committed to Eichen House where she was later killed by Brunski.

In a flashback from Required Reading, Lorraine had a Trepanning hole in her head while in Eichen House. She tells Lydia that "they're coming for all of us."

The actor playing Lorraine was not identified in the credits during her first appearances. The older version of the character is played by Marcy Goldman.

Natalie Martin

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 8 Time of Death Natalie Martin learns about mountain ash

Natalie Martin is Lydia's mom and is a substitute teacher/counselor at Beacon Hills High School. She takes over teaching science classes after the death of Adrian Harris.

Natalie is divorced from Mr. Martin and flirted with the idea of dating Peter Hale and Sheriff Stilinski.

While she's had a few brushes with the supernatural, she believes that Lydia and her friends need to focus on school and not dive too much in supernatural affairs.

Natalie Martin is played by Susan Walters (the real life wife of Linden Ashby.)

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Mr. Martin

Teen Wolf Season 2 Episode 1 Omega Jeff Rose as Mr Martin

Mr. Martin, Lydia's father, makes only a couple of appearances on the show.

In Season 1 he seems ready for the worst as he and Lydia's mother meet with Lydia's teachers. He's expecting "bad grades, concentration issues, bad behavior." We don't see his reaction to learning that Lydia is the smartest and most popular girl in school. (The Tell)

In Season 2, as Lydia recovers from the attack during the school dance, her father stays with her at the hospital. (Code Breaker, Omega)

Mr. Martin is played by Atlanta-based actor Jeff Rose.

Lydia Martin

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 13 Anchors Holland Roden as Lydia Martin

Lydia Martin, is the smartest and most popular student at Beacon Hills High School.

She can subconsciously sense when someone is murdered due to her being a Banshee.

Holland Roden portrays Lydia.

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