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The McCall Family is a family of characters featured in MTV's Teen Wolf.

Scott McCall is the "Teen Wolf" of the show's title. His mother, Melissa, is a nurse and his father is an FBI Agent.

Agent "Rafe" McCall

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 11 Alpha Pact Matthew Del Negro Agent McCall Questions Stiles

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FBI Agent McCall is Scott McCall’s father and Melissa McCall’s ex-husband.

He is portrayed by Matthew Del Negro.

He has been absent from Scott’s life for most of the past year and his return in Alpha Pact seems uncomfortable for Scott and Stiles.

Melissa McCall also isn't keen on seeing her ex-husband.

Melissa McCall

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 7 Currents Melissa Ponzio Melissa McCall patient saved

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Melissa McCall is Scott McCall’s mom and primary guardian after her divorce from her ex-husband.

She is played by Melissa Ponzio.

Melissa works as a nurse at Beacon Hills Hospital.

She’s recently learned that her son is a werewolf and is having sex. She is handling both pieces of news as well as can be expected. She has begun helping Scott and his friends with supernatural threats.

Scott McCall

Teen Wolf Season 3 Episode 1 Tattoo Tyler Posey Scott McCall Mental and Physical Self Improvement

Scott McCall (Tyler Posey) was an ordinary if sickly kid before he was bitten by Alpha werewolf Peter Hale. Since then, his asthma has cleared up and he’s become a star athlete but he’s also struggling with the complications that come with being a werewolf.

He’s had an “on again/off again” relationship with Allison Argent until her death in Season 3, and he remains best friends with Stiles Stilinski.

Scott’s recently learned that he’s a True Alpha and is about to learn what that will mean for his future.

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