Tracy Stewart was a student at Beacon Hills High School and a chimera hybrid of a Werewolf and a Kanima.

Tracy was portrayed by actor Kelsey Chow.


Her father was a lawyer who often defended guilty criminals according to her. She was believed to have suffered from parasomnia which resulted in her father getting her help by various means like dream catchers.

She was a genetic chimera because of a skin graft she received in the past.

Season 5Edit

She was unaware of her transformations. Her brain interpreted her time transformed as dreams and night terrors. (Read More...)

The Dread Doctors injected her with something and she began killing anyone who'd tried to help her. Her victims included her father and her psychiatrist. She also wanted to kill her counselor Natalie Martin (Read More...)

She was captured by the Dread Doctors and died after another injection. Her body was removed by the group and later taken by Jordan Parrish. (Read More...)

She appears in Lydia Martin's hallucination caused by the Doctors where she rips out Lydia's tongue. (Read More...)

Her body is briefly seen by Parrish and Lydia at the Nemeton. (Read More...)

She is revived by Theo Raeken along with Corey, Josh, and Hayden. (Read More...)

Sometime in the future, she helps Theo break into Eichen House for Lydia. (Read More...)

She kills the driver of the prison transport that carried Donovan under Theo's guidance. (Read More...)

Tracy accompanies Theo to the school to track down The Beast only to be menaced with her alpha. (Read More...)

She and the other chimeras capture the werewolf Deucalion but not without difficulty. (Read More...)

She holds Valack at bay as Parrish enters the closed unit in flaming Hellhound form. (Read More...)

She tries to take Lydia after the group breaks out of Eichen House, but she is taken down by an angry Natalie Martin. (Read More...)

She informs Josh that he has to be the one to wear the mask because his powers will prevent the mask from killing him. Later, she shows up at the McCall House and breaks the mountain ash barrier in order for the Desert Wolf to enter. (Read More...)

She helps Theo into the lair and lays him against the wall. Tracy suggest that they should take a break for a couple days but for Theo this isn't an option. She kisses him only to get betrayed. Theo kills Tracy and takes her powers. (Read More...)


Quotes Edit

  • Don't worry daddy, I won't let anything happen to you, ever again.” — Tracy to Her father in Dreamcatchers
  • My dad defended someone on death row once, I know how lethal injection works. One of the drugs they use paralyzes your diaphragm, makes it impossible to breathe.” — Tracy to Theo in Damnatio Memoriae