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Beacon Hills Invaded

Teen Wolf post-production work is still ongoing, but another show is already setting up in Beacon Hills. We had word of new activity at the Chatsworth studio this week, and Executive Producer Jeff Davis confirmed that another show is using the familiar sets.

“Another VIACOM production has actually come in to use our stages and sets. There will be some repainting and rearranging.”

Beacon Hills High School, Sheriff’s Office, and homes did not stay vacant for long after Teen Wolf wrapped production. Davis will not say which show, but we know for sure that VIACOM has one series, set in a high school, that is rebooting this year.

What follows is purely speculation, and, to be clear, VIACOM produces shows across several networks, so it is likely wrong. However, SCREAM needs everything Teen Wolf already has, and that show is reportedly changing locations and cast this time around. It would save the production quite a bit of cash if they could film in a fake town that’s already set up for them.

This sharing of space and sets is apparently more common than you might think. According to Davis, Teen Wolf recycled stuff from other shows as well. “We’ve bought pieces of sets ourselves actually. Kira’s room was built out of sets from Dexter. Remember when Liam got stuck down a well? That was the well from The Ring.”

For the next year or so, keep an eye out for familiar sets on MTV, CMT, Nickelodeon, TV Land, SPIKE and other networks. Beacon Hills may be lurking just under the fresh paint.

Theo And Deuc Merch

The ongoing antics of Lil’ Theo and his trusty blind Alpha pal Deuc are always a bright spot in the wide Teen Wolf wasteland between seasons. Inspired by the work of cartoonist Bill Watterson, German artist @ChanChanVasquez reimagines Beacon Hills’ duplicitous duo in sometimes hilarious, sometimes touching scenarios.

Teen Wolf News Theo and Duec 6

After many requests from fans, Vasquez launched a store where you can now own a little piece of Theo and Deuc art for yourself. In addition to the designs displayed, you can also order custom artwork of scenes and panels.

Check out the Theo and Deuc store now at

DVD Box Set Cover Is FUBAR

In case you missed this latest MTVFAIL, the network presented fans with two options they said would be the cover for an upcoming Teen Wolf Complete Series DVD set. Fans were told - exclusively via Twitter - that they could vote for which one they liked best by either retweeting or liking. Fans immediately noticed something missing from both designs.

Teen Wolf MTV social DVD box set artwork contest tweet

In fairness to the MTV Flunkies responsible for this massive fail, MGM and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment are actually behind the designs. That being said, I cannot imagine that someone in the “how are we going to promote this” network meeting didn’t mention the fact that the fractured fandom that is Teen Wolf won’t be happy if their particular totem doesn’t make the box cover. How could anyone expect to market a six-season box set and leave off half the main characters who appeared in most of the seasons?

To add a king-sized insult to the bruising injury of the box set imagery, all those retweets and likes don’t actually count for anything. In the rules of the contest, prominently hidden behind a link, you’ll find this passage buried in the legalese, “MGM and Fox reserve the right to select the winning Artwork Design at its discretion and may take into consideration the number of votes received …” We may, at our discretion, stick out our corporate tongues and blow raspberry all over the design you like and go with something else.

It’s tough out there trying to sell physical DVD’s when folks can watch just about anything from anywhere on a phone. I normally have sympathy for anyone trying to market traditional television products in the current cord-cutting and cloud-based digital age of entertainment, but, in MTV’s case, they just keep making colossally dumb and tone-deaf choices every week. My sympathy is running thin.

Want To Be In Hoechlin’s New Movie?

There’s no guarantee that you’ll have screen time together, but you could actually be in Hoechlin’s new movie. Departures is filming now in upstate New York and features Hoechlin along with  Nina Dobrev, Asa Butterfield, and Maisie Williams. They're apparently looking for young extras to fill up some scenes.

You’ll find details on recent casting calls here -

Teen Wolf Moonday On The CW?

Teen Wolf Alums will be all over the season finales at the CW network on Monday.

Mehcad Brooks Tyler Hoechiln David Harewood Supergirl Finale filming 2017

Tyler Hoechlin returns as Superman on Supergirl. His critically acclaimed portrayal of the man of steel all but guaranteed that he would be back despite the behind the scenes forces who fear he will upstage the show’s female hero. He popped into the action at the last minute in last week episode. His scene suggests Superman is on the wrong side of the current fight.

The season finale of Supergirl airs Monday at 8 PM on the CW.

Tyler Posey is making his CW debut this week as an ex-something of Jane the Virgin’s title character played by Gina Rodriguez.

Tyler Posey Gina Rodriguez Jane the Virgin Season Finale 2017

We don’t know exactly how Posey’s Adam character connects to Jane, but, knowing this show, it will likely be something wacky and life-complicating. While we don’t know what kind of guy he’s playing, it’s clear the character will stick around for next season.

The season finale of Jane the Virgin airs Monday at 9 PM on the CW. 

Sibo’s Dream Role

Sibongile Mlambo Teen Wolf News Season 6

Beacon Hills’ newest teacher is getting a lot of notice in the press this week. Sibongile Mlambo (Sibo) has a new movie out in France and recently worked on a Netflix joint in Canada. She is getting wide media coverage in her home country of Zimbabwe, and, in a recent interview there, singled out her upcoming character on Teen Wolf as her “dream role.”

Though she enjoyed being Bianca in Message From the King, Sibo is not convinced that it is her best role to date.
“I think it would be my role on Teen Wolf (a forthcoming MTV series) which completely surprised me and became my dream role. It just hasn’t come out yet so I can’t say if it was my best role to date, but I did thoroughly enjoy it,” the rising Hollywood actress explained.
Apart from Teen Wolf, Sibo will also be part of an upcoming crime thriller called Under the Silver Lake and forthcoming anthology thriller titled Dark/Web.


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