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Eaddy Mays: Most Underrated Actor

Her turn as wild-eyed Mama Argent on Teen Wolf is still garnering praise for Eaddy Mays.

Zap2it has named Mays the 11th most underrated star of 2012.

See that? She’s still being underrated, just missing the Top 10.

Mays is in good company, some of the other underrated include –

Lily Rabe – The devil-possessed nun from American Horror Story

Chandler Riggs – The always disappearing/zombie killing/prepubescent badass Carl from The Walking Dead

Becca Tobin – The new bitch Kitty on GLEE!

Of course, there’s also a dog on the list… but I’m sure it’s still a big compliment to be included.

First Day Back

So Teen Wolf cast and crew started working on Season 3 Monday.

We got a little behind the scenes stuff from the actors and others on set.

And, because we’re never satisfied, we’re hoping to see more stuff as shooting continues.

More Casting News

Meagan Tandy - rumored but not confirmed as part of the cast – will be on the Teen Wolf set today.

‏@meagantandy - I get to play with u boys tomorrow!! Yippie!!! @Charlie_Carver @maxcarver

@Charlie_Carver - @meagantandy get your sleep because you are getting x2 GNARGNAR

Meagan had tweeted last month that she was joining the cast but apparently that was supposed to be a secret and the tweet was removed.

She’s since been coy about the gig, responding to fans with a wink emoticon and little else until yesterday when she just pretty much admitted she’d be one of the fresh faces in Season 3.

@meagantandy - Time to get some rest. Exciting day tomorrow. I can hear the howls now. Ooooowooooooo!!! Im ready. Xo

You might recognize Meagan from the ABC Family show Jane By Design also she got devoured by ravenous fishies in Piranha 3DD back in June.

You can see what else she’s done over at her IMDB page.

While there has been speculation in a couple of media reports, there is no official indication as to which of the new Teen Wolf characters she will be playing.

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