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FearNet’s Backhanded Compliment

Teen Wolf made FearNet’s Best of 2012: The Best in Genre Television list, but I get the feeling the reviewer doesn’t actually like the show.

Teen Wolf has gotten immensely better in its second season. It is no longer cheesy teenage trash; it is a bona fide, layered television series with enough different aspects to appeal to a number of different demographics. That said, season two wasn’t perfect. It had its slow moments, it’s hokey, sappy, teen angst moments.

You can read more at the FearNet site.

More Ways to Watch Coming in 2013?

According to AdAge, the bible of the advertising industry, MTV is at a crossroads with its programming.

The end of Jersey Shore and a significant decline in overall ratings at the network, down 30% in the 3rd quarter, means Teen Wolf will be front and center as MTV moves to regain ground.

Part of the strategy will be trying to grab viewers outside of the traditional television broadcast.

We’ve seen this already with the Season 1 webisodes Teen Wolf: Search for a Cure and the Season 2 interactive game Teen Wolf: The Hunt.

For Season 3 AdAge hints that there will be more extra content beyond the show.

The bigger concern, however, is that MTV's millennial audience is consuming content in different ways. MTV has been attempting to reach its viewers everywhere they are with its strategy of "storytelling without borders," promoting streaming video by hosting an eight-hour live stream event on Dec. 12 and pushing second-screen initiatives involving Facebook, Twitter and other social-media platforms to engage viewers.
The New Year will give a clearer picture of how successful MTV can be using these platforms to drive TV ratings. And if MTV can pull it off, maybe others in the TV business can do the same.

The full article is up now at the AdAge website

Amazing Behind the Scenes Video

So Teen Wolf gave us all a great present for Christmas.

A behind the scenes video shot during the first day of Season 3 shooting at the Teen Wolf Studios in Northridge, California.

While many Teen Wolf fans were busy with the Squeeeeee of joy at seeing Tyler Posey and Dylan O’Brien yucking it up reading fan mail, we here at the Teen Wolf News were picking through the video frame by frame looking for behind the scenes goodies.

The Sets

Doctor Deaton’s Clinic, the High School hallway and the Locker Room look exactly the same despite the move across the country.

The Dirt Bike

Nice ride.

Hoechlin’s acting like he’s not supposed to be riding the dirt bike in the parking lot.

Then later we see one of the twins with a helmet in hand while talking to the costumers.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Carver Helmet

Werewolves on Dirt Bikes? Epic.

The Twins

Charlie and Max Carver were in school with claws out alongside Meagan Tandy. I still don’t have official word on which twin is playing which Alpha, and I can’t tell them apart, so I’m treating them as a package deal until I get more information.

Note the leather jackets. Apparently there IS an official werewolf uniform or Jeff Davis gets a significant discount at Men’s Warehouse.

Meagan Tandy

Okay, so I still haven’t seen an official announcement that Meagan Tandy is part of the cast for Season 3.

We knew she was doing it thanks mainly to an accidental tweet back in November, but now we know for sure.

I still don't know what the character is up to, but Meagan’s all over the video and seems to be stalking something in the locker room.

This Guy?

Seriously – who is this guy?

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes on set who is this guy

I noticed him at the first table read back in November and now here he is again on set with the cast.

I feel like I should recognize him but my brain won’t cough up his name.

Any ideas?

UPDATE: Is This the Guy?

16 hours. It only took 16 hours for the brilliant users of the Teen Wolf Wiki to come up with a likely candidate!

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Brian Patrick Wade

So? What do y'all think? Do we have a winner?

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