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Mrs. Argent: Mother of the Year!

The folks at just love them some Mama Argent.

Eaddy Mays’ untimely demise in Teen Wolf Season 2 made the entertainment sites’ list of Biggest TV Character Deaths.

The comments on that one are the best.

Mays was also picked as Teen Wolf “Mother of the Year” by the site’s editors.

…one character had our full attention during every (outrageously limited) moment she was onscreen: Allison's INTENSE mother, Victoria Argent.
Those of you who watch a lot of teen serials know that moms usually come in one flavor: too young, too nice, too buddy-buddy with their kids. Victoria Argent was one of the few TV moms who actually seemed like an authority figure, someone a kid would NOT want to be grounded by.
For one thing, she will knife-fight a werewolf.
But really it was Eaddy Mays' portrayal of this mysterious lady badass that delighted Teen Wolf fans week in and week out.

Check out everything they had to say about the dearly departed Mrs. Argent and the talented woman who portrayed her at's Top 100 Everything of 2012.

Hoechlin, Colton, Sinqua - NYE Down Under

Just before 8AM EST Monday morning, Tyler Hoechlin, Colton Haynes and Sinqua Walls were ringing in 2013 in Sydney, Australia.

The Teen Wolf stars were among a group of A-List celebrities on hand for the Marquee Nightclub New Year’s Eve party.

There are reports that many of the celebs then boarded a plane in Canberra bound for Las Vegas, in hopes of greeting the New Year twice.

It is unclear if the Teen Wolf boys were on board that flight.

Be On The Show – Time is Running Out

You have just a few days left to record yourself reading Stiles’ monologue from Battlefieldandupload it to Teen Wolf’s official Facebook page. If you’re real good at it, you could win a walk on role in an upcoming Season 3 episode.

The deadline to enter is Friday.

Thousands of people have applied, thousands more have voted for their favorite but the final word on who wins the role will be up to the producers of the show.

You know the last time they did this the winner got hired to be in more than one episode and now has her very own Cast Article on the Teen Wolf Wiki.

Point your browser toward the Teen Wolf Facebook for all the details.

Buy a Visit to Set

If acting isn’t your thing and you just want to visit the Teen Wolf set… and you happen to have a few hundred bucks – then Holland Roden is offering you that chance.

Holland is doing a charity auction for children event and if you donate you could win a chance to visit the set.

According to charitybuzz website the current bid at this writing is $500. You have until Thursday to bid.

What’s up with the Wolves?

We know the Sterek Campaign has been collecting for the Wolf Haven program, but then this week we got this image of Tyler Posey and Holland Roden playing with a real wolf from MTV.

Posey and Holland Real Wolf

No other details were released and we’ve been told to “wait and see…” by Official Teen Wolf.

So we wait.

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