Teen Wolf Season 3 Behind the Scenes - December

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122612 - Back to Day 1

On Wednesday evening Official MTV released a video of the cast from Season 3 Day 1.

The awesomeness of this video almost makes up for the lack of official daily updates, almost.

Here's a Gallery of Still Images from the video so you can get a good look at cast, crew and sets.

122212 - Another Night Shoot for Teen Wolf

Looks like another night shoot for the Teen Wolf Team.

Shortly after Midnight PST Saturday, MTV Social Media Maven Matt McDonough posted this image of Superfan turned Teen Wolf Character Shantal Rhodes.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Night Shoot Dylan O'Brien Shantal Rhodes Tyler Posey

This was at the end of her shooting day.

It was a long day but a relatively short shoot for the newly hired actor.

Here she is at 9:20pm PST Friday, another shot from MTV Matt, getting made up for her scene.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Night Shoot Shantal makeup

Does that look like Lydia's house to you? The french doors, the pool...

Matt also posted this Friday night right around 8:30pm PST (already Saturday for most of the world)

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Night Shoot Break out the Heaters

Apparently it became unseasonably cool in Los Angeles during the evening meaning the production had to break out the portable heaters.

122112 - Superfan Shantal Back on Set

Is Jeff Davis' Assistant FFFFing with us?

Damon Jackson threw this up on Instagram Friday Afternoon -

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Damon Jackson Colton Haynes

When asked by a follower about the trailer in which he and Colton Haynes appear, he responded -

damon_jackson_ - @trentonfarris a fine #teenwolf trailer

So this raises a couple of questions.

Was Colton on the Teen Wolf set today for some reason?
Was this an old picture of the pair from a previous season?

If it's the latter, then Damon is just trolling Teen Wolf fandom.

If it's the former, WTF?

Linden Ashby headed out of Los Angeles today and was feeling a bit squeezed on his flight.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Linden Ashby Heading Home

It seems he, Melissa Ponzio and Adelaide Kane have wrapped work on Teen Wolf for the Christmas Holiday.

You should follow Sheriff Stilinski on Twitter. He is HILARIOUS!

Charlie Carver examines his claws.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Charlie Carver Claws

Apparently still on set and still in the werewolf makeup, Charlie tweeted this shot on Friday afternoon.

MTV tweeted out this pic early on Friday -

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes JR Bourne and Shantal Rhodes
@MTVteenwolf - Danielle is back on #TeenWolf ! @ShantalRhodes meets @iamjrbourne:

You of course remember Shantal won the walk on role contest last year and this year was cast in a recurring role on the show.

They're doing the contest again this year so you have a shot to be on the show too.

We've got the details for you in the Teen Wolf News Archives.

Later in the day Official MTV Tumblr offered up this shot of Stiles' beloved Jeep -

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Stiles' Jeep

It appears that this image is from earlier in the week since it was posted right around 1pm PST.

122012 - MTV Tumblr Troll

Some of the Teen Wolf Cast are wrapped for the holidays.

Adelaide Kane (Cora) tweeted Thursday afternoon.

@AdelaideKane Ready to get on the plane back to Aussie land! Perth here I come #istillcallaustraliahome

If production runs like years past - they'll only take a few days off for the holidays before getting back to work on Season 3.

Teen Wolf's official Tumblr sitedid a bit of trolling when they released this behind the scenes shot of Crystal and Sinqua on Thursday.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Crystal Reed and Sinqua Walls

The caption reads:

Season 3: An unlikely friendship forms between Boyd and Allison

But, if you read on, the post is tagged "#things i just made up" Sooooo...

We also got another shot of the new Beacon Hills High School set -  

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Cast Chairs School

Details on why the show is getting a new High School set are up at the Season 3 page.

121912 - Spoiler Wolf

Wednesday afternoon MTV released this pic of the Carver Twins along with Dylan O'Brien and Tyler Posey.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Dylan OBrien Carvers Tyler PoseyI

This was released on the MTV Remote Control Blog.

It's designed to illustrate how fit the twins are looking thanks to the tough Teen Wolf workout regime and introduced fandom to the production's official Trainer, Tony Wisniewski.

He's responsible for whipping Tyler Posey and Jeff Davis into shape.

The photo above is from Assistant Director/Production Assistant Jihad 'JZ' Ziyad.

He's on set everyday and has offered up a few awesome Behind the Scenes shots.

He's got a pretty cool personal story. Teen Wolf's move from Atlanta to LA meant some big personal changes for JZ.

Follow @JZtheFilmmaker for more.

They apparently saw another night shoot on Teen Wolf from Tuesday into Wednesday.

Early on Wednesday Morning, around 3am PST, Ian Bohen tweeted an update from set - 

‏: @IanBohen - ....and 14 1/2 hours later, we're on the last shot of the day... #teenwolf

He included a pic of Tyler Hoechlin and himself in what looks to the the hallway of the New Beacon Hills High School.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes the Hale Boys

Also note the damage to Derek's shirt and the elder Mr. Hale's hipster headphones.

Shortly after 10pm PST on Tuesday - we got this shot which I believe to be a Genuine Spoiler so I'm not going to put any details here - Google, Twitter and Instagram will tell you if you really want to know.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Spoiler Wolf

If you already know who it is be cool and don't spoil it for those who still want to be surprised.

121812 - Struggling for Updates

OMG! How oh how did I miss this one from MTV's Matt McDonough?!?!

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Beacon Hills High Sign

If I'm not mistaken, that is Orny Adams marking his territory at the new High School Location.

A very different looking Beacon Hills High don't you think?

Unfortunately, the Teen Wolf cast just doesn't seem as snap happy as in previous seasons... or they've been told to slow up on the sharing.

Either way, we're getting next to nothing from set.

Today's first offering was this look inside the Wardrobe Department from Daniel Flores.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes WardrobeTrailer

121712 - An Old Friend Returns to Set

Official MTVreleased an image from set late on Monday.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Stiles' Jeep Dylan O'Brien Crystal Reed Holland Roden

There you can see Holland and Crystal. In the back - there's Dylan but the most important thing is this picture is the official return of Stiles' Blue Jeep. Nothing says Teen Wolf like that particular vehicle.

121412 - Back on Location

According to On Location Vacations, Teen Wolf is back on the streets of LA for another location shoot.

Teen Wolf is filming on E 6th St (Under the Bridge), S Santa Fe Av – Mesquit St, Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 7:00 AM).

Jeff showed us this "under the bridge" location back before production began.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Under E 6th Street Bridge Location

121312 - Mama McCall is Still Up

Just when I thought the photo stream from set had dried up... Tyler Posey comes through with an awesome behind the scenes shot - those eyes!

I'm still struggling for behind the scenes photos so enjoy this one from Tyler Hoechlin.

Late on Thursday Ian Bohen summed up the Teen Wolf shooting schedule -

@IanBohen - 14 hr days, mayhem, muttering, In-n-out 4 2nd meal, asleep standing up. New guys ask, "what gives?"...the response....welcome to The Wolf.

The Teen Wolf Cast and Crew made a night of it, filming until just past 3am on Thursday Morning.

Just before 4am LA time Melissa Ponzio tweeted the following -

@MelissaPonzio1 - I can tell u 1.The TW cast & crew are working VERY hard 2.To bring you an AMAZING Season Three 3.That you are going to LOVE!

Long night shoots are pretty much the standard on Teen Wolf.

The folks from Reviews for Humans have a tease of their set tour video up now on the You Tube. When I say "tease" I mean it. 4 minutes of teasing us with about 30 seconds of footage from the set.

However, what little they show of the set suggests to me that they had some excellent access and once that part of the video goes up it will be well worth watching.

Check out the tease video now on their YouTube channel and follow them on facebook so you don't miss part 2 when it comes out.

121212 - LA Times Behind the Scenes

We are scraping the bottom of the barrel to find behind the scenes stuff since we're getting next to nothing from twitter, Tumblr is down and... nevermind.

They had Taco Night on set this evening - Here's the spread -

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes Taco Night on Set

Told ya we were stretching for material.

Here are a couple of shots from last week's location shoot downtown. The first is from Gideon Emery. He shot the mural across the street from the location. The second is the front of that building where they shot several scenes for the first episode.

There’s a huge write up in the LA Times on Teen Wolf today.

You Go Read Now

Highlights include a great shot of Dylan O’Brien and an actress named Caitlin Custer and of course Tumblr and the rest of the internet speculation machine began guessing who she’ll be playing and why Dylan is holding her face in the picture.

Teen Wolf Behind the Scenes LA Times Set Visit Dylan O'Brien

The article says “The director watches a monitor as an actor rushes down a staircase into a basement wine cellar, searching among the racks of bottles for his childhood crush.”

If that portion of the article is referencing what we see in the photograph then my guess would be that Stiles is searching for Heather in the scene meaning Custer is playing Heather.

What we know of the character is available in the Teen Wolf News Archive.

Also from the piece –

The budget for Season 3 is estimated to be $60 million
The Teen Wolf Studios are located in a 90 thousand square foot warehouse in Northridge.
Teen Wolf plans to use locations in Downtown LA, Pacific Palisades, Griffith Park and Canyon Park in Calabasas

The MTV Remote Control Bloghas new information on the Fifth Alpha - Ennis.

Today is the first day back on set for Melissa Ponzio. She tweeted that it feels just like the first day of school.

@MelissaPonzio1- 1st day of shooting is like 1st day of school...hope i don't trip walking down the hall, hope i find someone to sit with at lunch...

121112 - Back at Work

The Teen Wolf Crew is back in action today in Los Angeles. Holland was the first to share with this shot of her dog Fievel in the make-up trailer.

121012 - Nothing from Set

My biggest fear after Jeff left Twitter was that the behind the scenes stuff would dry up to nothing.

That seemed to happen today with official MTV Social Media channels offering up nothing but a two month old video from New York Comic Con.

It's low resolution but watchable. You can see it over at YouTube.

I'll keep combing the internet for new BTS stuff but so far this Monday has been a bust.

120812 - Teen Wolf Shooting at Paramount?

Tyler Hoechlin and JR Bourne were on the Lot at Paramount Studios last night.

I can’t find any other official confirmation that Teen Wolf is shooting at the facility (also home to American Horror Story, GLEE! and NCIS: Los Angeles) but, both actors tweeted pictures from there on Friday night so….

On Saturday, MTV tweeted a single picture of the Carver Twins in their Alpha Claws and the required werewolf uniform leather jackets.

Nice to see the MTV Social Media folks working on a Saturday. Hopefully we'll get more soon!

120712 – Teen Wolf Tumblr "Back in Full Swing"

So here's what we're being promised on Day 5 of production -

@MTVteenwolf - #TeenWolf Season 3 production back in full swing - make sure to check out tumblr for daily updates from set!

The tweet came with this photo of the boys from the cast cutting up between takes.

Visit the Teen Wolf Tumblr for more.

Late on Friday, the good folks over at Reviews for Humans posted more from their set visit earlier in the week.

Go LIKE their facebook page NOW for more cool stuff and to make sure you don't miss their exlcusive set tour video when it comes out.

120612 – Almost Nothing From Set but...

We take what we can get, including snaps from the actors just goofing off on set. Adelaide Kane had promised twitter followers that she would tweet her new Cora hair and did.

Head Alpha, Gideon Emery, seems to be filling his downtime with some art projects offering up a couple of nice ones.

We did get a few things that actually have to do with the show. Tyler Hoechlin tweeted this pic of he and Posey looking beat to hell.

Official MTV channels gave us some more production art, this time it's Allison's new bedroom.

Late in the day we got personal pics from Sinqua Walls and Keahu Kahuanui from set.

120512 – Location Shooting Begins

You think I stalk the Teen Wolf folks? Check out – they have the actual addresses and hours of location shooting mapped out.

On Wednesday, Dec.5, they will be filming at 650 S Spring St in Los Angeles (7:00 AM – 4:30 AM) and at 412 W 6th St in Los Angeles (5:00 PM – 10:00 PM).
On Thursday, Dec. 6, they will be filming on E 6th St (Under the Bridge), from S Santa Fe Av to Mesquit St all day.

120412 – Cookie Day on Set

The STEREK campaign’s cookie shipment arrived and took over the Teen Wolf set and the folks from Reviews for Humansstop by for a visit on the second day of filming.

120312 – First Day Back

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