The Nagual, or commonly known as Werejaguars are shapeshifters that appear in Season 3 and Season 4 of MTV's Teen Wolf.

Real World MythEdit

Editor’s Note: This section concerns itself with the real world conceptions of the Nagual ONLY. Click here for information on real world Nagual.

In Mesoamerican folk religion, a nagual (na'wal) is a human being who transforms either spiritually or physically into an animal form. They performed rituals related to calendar cycles and divination and the natives revered them as gods.

The Aztec god Tezcalipoca who could transform into a jaguar at night was viewed as the Nagual's protector.

The word can mean "shapeshifter", "transforming witch" or "trickster."

Teen Wolf MythEdit

Kate Argent became a werejaguar when an Alpha werewolf, Peter Hale, scratched her throat and apparently died. However, as the full moon approached, Kate's body began to heal and returned to life. (The Dark Moon)


Werejaguars are purple in skin tone with visible dark jaguar spots. Their large claws are curved and resemble closely to their feline counterpart. They also have large fangs that are similar to jaguars.

They have bright green eyes and their roar is closely identical to werewolves.


They have the strengths and weaknesses as any other shapeshifter, but they have extra, almost magic-like abilities that have yet to be explained. They also appear to be durable as evidence when The Calaveras shot several rounds at Kate and, despite being in pain, was able hold her ground in the scuffle.

In the temple under La Iglesia, Kate wrapped Derek Hale in Wolfsbane and placed him in a wall with Tezcalipoca's image on it. The result was Derek regressing physically and mentally into a teenager. (The Dark Moon)

Werejaguars also have a unique connection to Berserkers. They can control these creatures through actions and howls similar to that of a pack of werewolves. (117, Orphaned, Smoke & Mirrors)

They can also create Berserkers by place their bone masks and armor on the victim. (A Promise to the Dead)

As Theo Raeken explains in Season 5, a Werejaguar's connection to Berserkers is so strong that they can sense where they've been and where they may be. (The Last Chimera)


Yellow Wolfsbane is a major weakness of Werejaguars. When shot by a bullet laced with yellow wolfsbane, Kate Argent was severely weakened; however, not as weakened as certain werewolves were when poisoned by this rare form, suggesting that it's effects aren't as potent to Werejaguars.

Just like werewolves, inexperienced werejaguars are susceptible to the effects of the full moon. While under its influence, an untrained werejaguar will lose control, which would lead to unwarranted shifting and homicidal tendencies.

Werejaguars are susceptible to the effects of Mountain Ash. Like most supernatural creatures, they are incapable of crossing or touching it.

Known WerejaguarsEdit