William Barrow is a convicted mass murderer appearing in Season 3 of Teen Wolf.

He is played by Doug Jones.

History Edit

Barrow was convicted of walking onto a school bus full of students and detonating a shrapnel-filled bomb.

Four teens were killed, one was maimed, and Barrow suffered severe injuries as well.

Barrow claims the kid's eyes were glowing like in the movie Village of the Damned, suggesting that they were in some way evil.

He was committed to Eichen House, a mental health facility.

Season 3 Edit

Barrow is brought to Beacon Hills Hospital for surgery after other hospitals refused to care for him. Melissa McCall does his intake interview learning that he felt he was justified in killing the children with "glowing eyes". During surgery, a tumor inside Barrow's body explodes, expelling houseflies. Barrow escapes, uses tools and chemicals from the Beacon Hills High School chemistry classroom to close up his surgical wound, and later - kidnaps Kira. (Read More...)

Someone was directing Barrow's actions during his escape and left the message on the blackboard. (Read more...)

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